About Fulcrum

Fulcrum was a publication (and sometimes architectural collective) that printed 100 weekly issues from 2011-14. Dedicated to "pursuing architecture and the third millennium", Fulcrum remains the most read student publication about architecture in the world.

It has been widely exhibited, most notably at the British Pavilion for the 2012 Venice Architecture Biennale (where it produced a spin-off publication, The Commonplace). Its contributors comprised well-known architects, philosophers, scientists, artists and economists, as well as a diverse range of young writers – many of whom had never been previously published.

Fulcrum worked hard to cultivate a culture of architectural writing, both within the Architectural Association (where it was based and followed by PNYX) and elsewhere – particularly in collaboration with The Ship and P.A.P.E.R

Fulcrum's editorial agenda was principally concerned with debt, precariousness, equality and the struggle for social justice. This culminated in a book of essays in 2014, Real Estates (published with Bedford Press), on the subject of morality and neoliberal economic theory in architecture.

Editorial Staff

Jack Self

Founding Editors
Jack Self
Graham Baldwin
Aram Mooradian

With thanks to:
Brett Steele
Roberta Jenkins
Wayne Daly
Bedford Press
Tobias Jewson
Eleanor Dodman

All enquiries can be directed to: fulcrum@aaschool.ac.uk